Sunday, 13 November 2011

Revision Guide

Shot reverse shot, mid shot, long shot, close up, extreme close up, zolly, snoricam, zooming, steadicam, location context, over shoulder shot, full shot, birds eye view, crane, weather shot, oblique ange, low angle, two shot, eye level shot, tilt, medium close up, panning, wide shot, point of view, hand held, focus, shot framing, position.

Rapid cutting, pace, jump cuts, tension intercutting, final shot, eyeline match, action match, rule of thirds, dissolve,fade, cut away, 180 degree rule.

Diagetic, non-diagetic, dialogue, volume, pace, instrumentation.

Costume, lighting, make up, colour, dominant colour, symbolism, props, proxemics, setting, production, body movement, actors.

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