Friday, 11 May 2012

Final film clip, just realised the other one has writing on.


Spoken with lots of enthusiasm...


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More on institutions possible to use.

This table shows us that the USA have the most amount of releases and make the most money and so therefor we would have to put a lot of money in for them to produce our film, therefor it would be more beneficial for us to use a British independent film industry.

More on social groups.

Throughout the film we used various camera shots to represent teenagers...

The first shot of Ben represents teens in that we can see as the audience that he dresses as an everyday teenager, most teenagers want to be discrete which suggests why he is wearing a dark jacket, similarly in the picture just to the right wearing a dark jacket and trousers shows them to be average teenagers.

The next two pictures are a two shot, this allows the audience to see more of their reactions at the same time and there are quite a few of these shots throughout the video clip.

The next shot is a close up of Ben's face as this enables the audience to see that he is really shocked and so maybe they too should also be shocked.

The next picture is an over the shoulder shot so the audience can see from Ben's point of view and that maybe he therefore thinks that it is a silly idea to take the dangerous route rather than the safer but longer option.

The next shot is a close up of my characters face this enables the audience to see how shocked and scared she is, also you can see a hint of regret for not listening to Ben on taking the safer route.

This is followed by the shot of Ben dead and lying on the floor, and a reason for the audience to think my character had been silly to ignore Ben.

We then see my character come face to face with the killer, we have done a two shot of this so that the audience can see it as the characters experience it. Also the killer is placed slightly higher to show dominance.

Location tour.

So we started off near the Appleby Street sign...
Then we want on to walking around the block or 'to the party' until we reached our first alley way...

After these alley ways I got a little distracted, oooooo prettyyyyyyyy...

Finally, here is the place where the murder happened...


Let the corrections commence.

What I have learnt.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I have found this task really beneficial and i have learnt about things i never knew before, for example the technologies used in the making of the dark knight.

They spent a lot of money on this film however they also received a lot of money back.

I have also learnt a lot about the digital screen network and how it is beneficial to British independent companies.

I have also learnt about the importance of technological convergence and how useful it is when producing a film.

Monday, 7 May 2012


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How did you attract your audience?

How did you attract/address your audience?

As a group we knew that in most scary films the main characters take the dangerous route and we made this clear in our film.

We also knew that we needed to make the characters vulnerable for the audience to enjoy our film so we separated the characters as soon as the ‘scary music’ started playing so that the audience were in suspense.

Friday, 4 May 2012


Well I was uploading a video but it was taking forever so night guyssssss! absolutely shattered

Evaluation question 2.

question 3 is on its wayyyyy!

Evaluation question 1.

This is just part of my evaluation for question one only, question two is on its way.


So although I haven't posted anything I have actually got a lot done, as I dont have powerpoint at home and no youtube at school I have been printscreening all the pictures I need for my powerpoints. Riveting stuff, my evaluation should be on here later if I can get my movie maker to work :)

Time waster!

My internet is such a time waster, if everything didnt take so long to load I would probably have like 10 videos up by now!!!! grrrrrrrrr.