Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Preliminary Exercise.


Ben going on the course at Hertford Regional College meant that our preliminary task was edited well and wasn't accidentally deleted by myself as I tend to do this on a regular basis. We filmed our preliminary at school when we had a free period. Jacob did the filming which went extremely well.

In out preliminary task there are various shots including shot reverse shot and close ups. At the start of the short clip we see Ben walk through a door and sit down opposite myself. Ben then continues to say "have you got my stapler?" to which I reply "have you got my money?" The scene then feels tense and so Ben says "no." The camera spins to me and I say "well the deals off then." and proceed to storm out of the room.

It actually took us two times to film it as the boys kept giggling :)

The editing actually went really well and even Jacob had a go, Ben had the ability to edit spontaneously and every time it seemed to work out perfectly.

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  1. Have the technological problems with YouTube been sorted? Ben knows what to do but, with YouTube being blocked for every school in the area, he wasn't able to sort it out in school. Make sure he remembers.