Sunday, 1 January 2012

seven questions

Shooting Schedule
In class, my group and I all decided that Sunday afternoons were a good day and that any other time we will contact each other when we are free, also due to the fact that a film is a horror it will be filmed at night time or when it starts getting dark. Contact with parents is easily accessible as they live two minutes away from the location.
Roles and Responsibilities

There are various roles which we as a group have discussed in detail. Jacob is the director and films the clip. I myself am in charge or any organising needed to be done and make up on set, Ben also has jobs, but I cant remember them :) soz.

All of us, especially myself, enjoy watching horror films and it seemed befitting to do one ourselves. Horror films also seemed like a fun thing to do as it can get really messy with fake blood and really getting into roles with loud screaming and jumpy moments in our clip. The location we have chosen can look really eerie and creepy in the right setting which is why we will be filming when it falls dark. Thick forests surround the area where we are filming which could make the film have that added horror factor. Obviously it will be difficult to film in darkness, but our storyline really aids us as it is from Jacobs point of view we don’t need big lights to light the area, we have big torches which give a very bright light and will also go with the horror theme.
Our opening film

Our opening film follows a horror film, which means we are going to try and make it as jumpy and as gory and scary as humanly possible. At the start of the film the mood is excited as the characters are on their way to a party in a bunker in the film however as walking further into the Appleby fields the characters sense something is wrong, once separated they are picked off one by one and so a chilling feeling is projected to the audience. The location starts from a house and then it shows the characters journey to or partly to the party, but they don’t make it. As previously mentioned, each character will be carrying a huge torch which provides a lot of light. Not many props will be used apart from a fake knife which the attacker will have. The characters will also be holding alcohol in their hands as they are heading to a party. The costume will be casual but a light coloured top will be used to that blood can be seen easily.
Pictures will be posted at a later date :) the scanner thingy is on the blink.


  1. This post needs going over in detail - have a look at the other groups and see what they've done for some inspiration.