Thursday, 3 May 2012

tester video of institution choices.

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  1. Loving the board game idea, and you have got the right range of ideas . I think some more detail would potentially allow you to show band 4 for this piece as you know your stuff. You just need to make that explicit to the moderator when they visit. Below are sopme ways you could do this.

    You could also discuss why each of the other institutions didn't meet your needs / why they weren't as effective a choice for your film. Think about budget, experience, your target audience, their track record with your genre for example.

    Add in some images to pep up the text only slides. Remember that pete the Chief Examiner is keen on originiality, flair, interactivity and general wonderfulness rather than text heavy posts.

    Have a look at some of the others' ideas to see if there is any more detail you could add, and the examples I shared to make sure you've covered everything you possibly could. Have a look at the mark scheme in the blog pack for the ebvaluations and see whereabouts you think you're hitting at the moment.