Sunday, 6 May 2012

Evaluation question 5.


  1. Good to see the videos appearing. Few ideas / questions:

    1) Could you re-edit them to overlay the text of the question / the responses to show further evidence of use of media technologies?

    2) A little confused by the layout of posts on the 'evaluation' side - though this might be me being a little slow, it happens. It might be worthwhile (and you might be planning to do this anyway) to go through all your posts and combine your work on each question into single posts (just copy and paste into a single box will work) so that all your presentations / videos / 'things' are all under the same header for the moderator to find easily. Does that even make sense? In the fear that it might going to move on to another blog and come back and check later.

  2. Actually, I think I know where this is confusing me...have you intentionally taken your audience feedback from the showcase and tried to use it to provide evidence in your main 7 evaluation questions? Good idea if so, just make sure there is some text explaining the purpose of each post and that it is all clearly laid out.

    If I'm talking absolute nonsense, please disabuse me.