Monday, 30 April 2012

Film Opening Analysis Texas chainsaw massacre Camera angles Mainly close ups and mid shots, only few long distance shots. Editing Very rapid movements to make the situation more tense and to make the story line more scary, fast pace and so the audience has to pay attention to keep up. Mise-en-scene Remote areas and dull dirty costume, in opening scenes usually more main characters show some nudity which makes them more vulnerable and scares the audience more as it is their worst dear, poorly lit lighting, usually of an evening hardly ever in daylight. Chainsaw used as a violent tool and a violent sound. Friday 13th Camera angles Similar to Texas chainsaw massacre in that they have a similar storyline, again a lot of mid shot and only a few long distance shots when showing the location. Editing More rapid than Texas chainsaw massacre as it is shown to be more of a chase and in some ways more realistic as they have more of a chance of getting away. Mise-en-scene Again in remote places and dark clothing. Saw Camera angles Close ups and shots which show flash backs and help the audience build up the story. Editing Rapid movements and often almost a tinted glass over the screen especially when in a gory scene showing the audience what is happening from ‘JIGSWAS’ point of view. Mise-en-scene Remote locations again, factories. Our opening Camera angles Various camera angles, again more close ups. Editing Various transitions and rapid cuts with slow motion and ‘bad film’ used. Mise-en-scene Remote location, field and dark costume.

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