Tuesday, 10 April 2012

production diary, first draft.

Production diary.

The first day we started filming it was a lot darker than we expected and was not successful at all, we even tried making it brighter through editing but it didn’t seem to work, everything we had filmed had to be discarded but this helped us know what to expect and when would be the best time for us to film, we decided to film around dusk, just before it gets dark, its light enough to get the filming done but dark enough to feel eerie and suspicious.

After this new discovery we went out to film again and was much more successful however it was very windy and so we knew that any other time we wanted to film it would need to be windy or a sound effect would need to be added, luckily that day of filming was in an open area and so when we filmed the alley way on a separate day it didn’t matter that it wasn’t as windy although we still added a sound affect but just made it very quiet, then we had to remember to wear the same clothes each time.

We then cam across another problem having to film the alley way, no matter how light, because it was covered in trees and fences surrounding it was very dark and so we had to include us miraculously discovering a torch. Filming the actual killing scene was a lot easier although we did have to do a couple of takes due to the pigs in the neighbouring farm squealing and then starting the cows off. We also had to ring my phone and hope that no one else would call in the mean time.

Taking lots of different shots at different angles enabled us to have more footage in case one didn’t work so that we wouldn’t have to go out again. We then went back to film the Appleby street sign to make sure the camera shot was steady.

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  1. Wherever possible include some media terminology. Adding some screen shots to illustrate your points would be helpful too. One of the things OCR are keen on in evidence of using a range of media technologies to present your work; they're keen on interactivity, vibrancy and originality. Can't wait to see all your pie charts, for instance. Are you having trouble posting? I know there's been a raft of issues in school getting postings done. There'll be after school sessions pretty much constantly for the next two weeks if you need. Let me know!