Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pre-production checklist, first draft.

Pre-production Checklist.

Shooting schedule.

For our film we knew that for it to be traditionally horrific and scary it had to be filmed of a night time, so therefore it needed to be dark and we also knew that weekends would be beneficial for us as we did no have to worry about if we was filming late and worrying about school the next day, however some of us had work or football which made it difficult some weekends.

Roles and responsibilities.

Ben went on an editing course before the Christmas holidays and so he did most of the editing although Jacob had some input as well and we all had a say on how the transitions should be. Each of us were in charge of our own costumes and characters, this meant that Ben had to take two costumes, I was in charge of makeup, making Ben look like he had actually been killed. Jacob was in charge of looking after the camera and being the actual camera man. We all came up with different parts of the story line. If any of us had a good idea we took it into account and discussed whether it could be used.


The location was chosen to be near my house as there are a lot of fields and alleyways which were particularly helpful for our genre of film. (pictures coming soon)


There are so many horror films which we could have chosen to be our inspirations however, our main inspirations are films like ‘Friday 13th’ and ‘Texas chainsaw massacre’ as masks and brutal murder are involved.


Stupidity could be a theme, you know that when drunk teenagers walk through a dark field late at night, one of them is bound to die.

Mood progressions.

In the beginning of the clip the characters seem to be excited about the party they are headed to but as it gets darker, and more windy the scenery starts to change, everything is significantly more creepy and more alleyways appear one after the other, hinting at a possibility of getting lost. When in the field, a scary music sound affect is put over the top so that the mood has gone from really happy to really not.


As mentioned above, each separate clip in the short film show that it has gone from light to dark in what seems to be no time at all.


The torch gets discovered during the clip at the end of an alley showing that by the end of the clip there may be ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. Or maybe not. A mask is also used to cover up the true identity of the killer and a mobile phone is used to separate the characters so that they are more vulnerable and makes it easier for them to be killed.


Ben just wears normal average clothing such as jeans and a jacket and I wear a hooded jumper and plain black trousers with wellies, the character isn’t silly enough to go out in a short dress in cold weather showing that she is a normally intelligent person but still manages to be silly enough to go into a dark empty field on the way to a party in the middle of a forest.

Establishing the environment.

During the clip we show clips of the alleyways and safer directions but the characters always pick the unsafe option.

Camera movement.

The camera always focuses on the person talking and shows Ben walking ahead to show male dominance and a protective character.

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