Monday, 30 April 2012

Preliminary Analysis

Preliminary Analysis In our preliminary film we have used a moving shot from behind Ben, an over shoulder shot, shot reverse shot, close up and a zoom, the zoom was very affective however we could have improved the over shoulder shot. To make the sound more effective we knew we needed to do some voice over’s in places where dialogue may be more difficult to hear. We wanted to make our prelim slightly humorous so we though that a staple for props in mise-en-scene would fit in well with the dialogue. However we knew that in our final piece we would also need to think about lighting and costume and also make up. As Ben in out team went on the editing course he did most of the editing however Jacob also did a considerable amount and occasionally I had a go however when it comes to computers I am mostly incompetent so instead I just sat and had lots of input and helped with decision making instead, we didn’t really have many problems with editing apart from the sound. Lighting was not really needed in our prelim exercise as it was fairly light in the room anyway, so there were no issues with this. We used a shot reverse shot in the middle of the clip where there is the most action and the feeling is tense as using this shot would help build on this even further as the movements were very rapid. We tried to include an action match shot however we failed with this as we found it difficult. We have strictly stayed to the 180 degree rule and this is shown towards the end of the clip when the camera shot moves from my face to Bens.

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  1. If you get the chance a few screen shots would improve the visual appeal of this post. Good idea generally for blog posts.